Scent Adjectives

Use these helpful adjectives to assist in describing your materials. 

Floral Scents:

Citrus Scents:

Zesty: Bright and tangy, with a burst of citrus freshness.

Spicy Scents:

Fiery: Intensely hot and spicy, with a strong and passionate aroma.

Woody Scents:

Earthy: Resembling the scent of damp earth and moss.

Fruity Scents:

Juicy: Succulent and mouthwatering, like ripe, juicy fruits.

Green Scents:

Fresh-cut: Reminiscent of freshly cut grass or foliage.

Aquatic Scents:

Marine: Conjures the aroma of the ocean, with a fresh and airy quality.

Gourmand Scents:

Sweet: Delightfully sugary and dessert-like, with a delectable sweetness.

Musk Scents:

Sensual: Evokes a seductive and alluring quality, with a deep musky scent.

Herbal Scents:

Fresh Herbs: Resembles the aroma of freshly picked herbs.

Resinous Scents:

Amber: Warm and resinous, with a rich and golden aroma.

Oriental Scents:

Exotic: Intriguing and mysterious, reminiscent of far-off lands.

Fresh Scents:

Crisp: Clean and refreshing, with a cool and invigorating quality.

Sensual Scents:

Seductive: Alluring and captivating, with a hint of mystery.