Every artist should keep a diary. 

Reflect & Think. I urge you to records and articulate your days events in a diary. In the quest for artistic expression, keeping a diary can be a powerful tool for perfumers and artists alike. It serves multiple purposes: 

Here's a deeper look into why and how maintaining a diary can foster creativity, ideation, and a more profound understanding of their world.

Firstly, a diary acts as a vault of memories and experiences. Artists and perfumers, like many creatives, draw inspiration from the world around them. An encounter, a sensation, an emotion - anything could spark a creative idea. By recording these experiences, they create a rich tapestry of inspirations they can revisit and explore in their work. For perfumers specifically, tracking scent experiences, ingredients, and formulas can provide a wealth of knowledge to draw from when crafting new fragrances.

Secondly, a diary offers a safe, judgment-free space for experimentation. Ideas can be free-flowing, rough sketches, half-formed concepts, abstract thoughts. Creativity seldom follows a linear path. It’s often messy, erratic, and nebulous. The diary becomes an arena where these ideas can be jotted down, pieced together, deconstructed, or reimagined, facilitating the creative process.

Thirdly, a diary promotes mindfulness and observational skills, which are crucial to both artists and perfumers. The discipline of regularly writing in a diary encourages slowing down, observing the surroundings with more intent, and appreciating details that may otherwise go unnoticed. This practice enriches their understanding of their world and nurtures their creative thinking.

Fourthly, a diary allows for introspection and self-dialogue, promoting personal growth and authenticity in their work. By reflecting on their thoughts and emotions, artists and perfumers can deepen their self-awareness, align their work with their core values, and develop a distinctive voice or style.

Finally, a diary provides a tangible measure of their journey. They can track their growth, identify patterns, recognize progress, and appreciate their evolution as creatives. It can be a source of motivation and a testament to their commitment to their craft.

In essence, keeping a diary can be a transformative practice for artists and perfumers. It allows them to engage deeply with their internal and external worlds, sparking inspirations, cultivating their creative thinking, and fostering a meaningful connection with their work. It's more than a record-keeping tool; it's a companion to their creative journey, helping them navigate, explore, and celebrate their artistic endeavors.