Finding Materials that share Similar Facets

It's always easy to blend "like materials." Searching for other essential oils that share similar facets to your central/primary material - in this case, Rose Otto - is a great place to start when designing your first perfumes. Blending "like materials" is fun and effective. 

What are some other similar-smelling materials? 

What are some essential oils, absolutes, or synthetic molecules that share similar facets with rose otto? 

For example, rose-Otto has a lychee facet. 

If we could find a lychee-smelling material, it would be easy to blend with rose otto. 

Here are the various facets found in rose otto; 

We do a search using to find scent materials with such facets. 

You could also use 

list here:

CONCUSION: Now we have a list of potential materials to blend with rose-Otto.