Equalizing Materials Within a Blend

Perfumers always think about how powerful any given material is (natural or synthetic) 

before blending it with other essential oils.   

Consider these questions

As you can seem, the strength, impact and projection of a material is very important when blending accords

So what is a "Perfectly Balanced" accord? 

"Perfect Accords" are where all materials are balanced with one another according to their "Impact value." 

How to Equalize Materials

Example: 2 Material "Perfect Accord" 

Where do we find the "impact value" ? 

We are lucky! www.perfumersworld.com has a simple and effective "Impact Value" system any student of perfumery can, and should make use of. You may not always agree with their values, but it is a great place to start!

According to Perfumers World, Peppermint is about 4 times as impactful as Bergamot. And from personal observations, I agree with this. Therefore, we need top use 4 times as much bergamot as peppermint to craft a "perfectly balanced" accord. 

So how do we use a calculator to find the "perfect balance"?

ANSWER: Divide the less impactful materials, by the MOST impactful material. 

400 divided by 110 = 3.65.

1 gram of peppermint oil 

3.65 grams of bergamot 

We need to mix 3.65 grams of bergamot with 1 gram of peppermint to result in a perfectly well balanced accord. 

QUESTION: Does this mean the above accord will be pleasant, or interesting?

NOTE * a "perfectly balanced accord" does not necissarily result in a pleasing accord! 


Note *The highest impact value material is always represented by "1" 

Rose Otto = 1 


The result is an extremely expensive! Powdery, rich rose amber.