Hyrax Tincture

Hyrax, also known as "Africa Stone," is a unique and ancient material used in perfumery. The substance is derived from the excretions of the rock hyrax (Procavia capensis). Over time, these excretions harden and petrify, creating a material that has been used for centuries in traditional fragrances, especially in the Middle East.

Hyrax has a complex scent profile that includes notes of musk, leather, civet, castoreum, dried fruits, and even a certain sweetness. When used in perfumery, it provides depth and a rich, animalic undertone.

Making Hyrax Tincture:

Material Gathering:

Hyrax/Africa Stone: Ensure you're using authentic, ethically-sourced hyrax.

Perfumers alcohol: As with the previous tinctures, 190-proof ethanol (like Everclear) is recommended due to its efficient extraction capabilities.





Using Hyrax Tincture in Perfumery:

Deep Base Note: The rich, animalic notes of hyrax make it a powerful base note in many perfumes.

Blending: Due to its complexity, hyrax pairs well with a variety of notes including woods, resins, florals, and spices. However, due to its potency, it should be used judiciously to avoid overpowering a blend.

Dilution: Given its intensity, hyrax tincture should be used sparingly. Begin with small quantities and adjust based on the desired fragrance profile.

Remember that hyrax, like many animal-derived ingredients in perfumery, comes with ethical considerations. Always ensure that any material you source has been collected sustainably and without harm to the animals or their habitats.