Ambrette Seed Tincture 

Ambrette seeds come from the tropical hibiscus plant known as Abelmoschus moschatus. They are also referred to as musk seeds due to their musky aroma, and they have a slightly sweet, floral, and wine-like quality. Ambrette seeds are valued in perfumery for their musky notes and are often used as a natural alternative to animal musk. Creating a tincture from ambrette seeds allows one to capture and use this aroma in fragrances.

Making Ambrette Seed Tincture:

Material Gathering: Ambrette seeds: Ensure you have high-quality seeds. They should have a noticeable musky aroma when crushed. 

Perfumers Alcohol: As with the orris powder tincture, perfumers alcohol is ideal, as it efficiently extracts the scent and acts as an excellent solvent for perfumery.





Using Ambrette Seed Tincture in Perfumery:

Musk Replacement: Due to its natural musky aroma, ambrette seed tincture can be used as a natural and ethical replacement for animal-derived musk.

Blending: The musky, slightly sweet aroma of ambrette pairs well with floral, citrus, and spicy notes. Experiment with blending to achieve your desired scent profile.

Dilution: Depending on the strength and the presence you want the ambrette note to have in your final product, you may need to adjust the quantity used. Remember, in perfumery, balance is key, and often less is more.

Creating tinctures and working with natural ingredients in perfumery is a blend of art and science. It requires patience, experimentation, and an understanding of scent profiles and how they interact. As always, keep good notes so you can replicate successful blends or adjust as needed in future batches.